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About Marosa

Marosa clothes aim to combine the beauty of ethnic fabrics and colours with Western tailored shapes. So often I’ve found the most ravishing, embroidered garment while travelling but found it quite unwearable due to the unflattering cut.So in 2002, inspired by my daughters, both of whom share my taste for unusual combinations of bright colours, and constant encouragement from my son, I started Marosa.

I go to both India and Morocco twice a year sourcing stock and also designing and getting clothes and accessories made. In March this year I spent a month in India sourcing the right people to produce my embroidered suede coats and jackets.

The photographs below give you some idea of the difficult conditions the people have to work in, dyeing & drying the yarn in the loft of their workplace which is shared with goats, and then embroidering the suede panels on very old machines down below. Then the panels are returned to the leather factory where they are stitched together and lined.

The team who carry out this highly complicated procedure are Afzal, (my agent), his partner Kanaki, Aijaaz who comes from Kashmir and is the embroidery expert and last but by no means least everyone at the leather factory who have so painstakingly and successfully executed my designs. I could not have achieved this project without them and the results are truly beautiful.

I hope you’ll agree the time and effort we have all put into producing these works of art has been worthwhile.

Enjoy wearing Marosa!

Emma Hanbury

Drying Yarn

Spinning Machine

Threading Yarn


Kannaki, Afzal & Aijaaz